The garden is a nonprofit organization and nothing produced in the garden is for sale. Excess food is taken by members to other nonprofits. The garden fosters an appreciation of gardening, variety in the diets of the gardener's families and the benefits of fresh locally grown food. Environmental stewardship is encouraged since the garden uses organic methods to protect its bees. The garden is a community effort. Gardeners normally share a plot before taking sole responsibility for a plot fostering the sense of community.

Both novice and experienced gardeners learn from each other about growing and preparing produce. Although Lamar Porter is known for athletic fields, the garden enhances the quality of life in one of the city's oldest Neighborhoods. For more information on Woodruff Community Garden email

  1. Incorporating 3 drainage pipes to control flooding during extreme conditions
  2. Restoration work on the historic stonewalls and bridges surrounding the area
  3. Raising walls adjacent to creeks to prevent soil from entering cracks and prevent vegetation from growing
  4. Lights
  5. Security upgrades
  6. More secure gardening shed
  7. Additions to Bee habitat
  8. New gate and fencing