Lamar Porter Athletic Field & Stadium was a WPA Project. Construction began in 1934 and opened in 1937. The stadium was constructed of concrete, steel and wood and was built to seat 1500 spectators.

Even in its present condition over 6,400 fans yearly cheer on their favorite players. With the infrastructure of Lamar Porter nearing the end of its usable life, the Lamar Porter Complex Revitalization Committee has coordinated efforts with the Stifft Station Neighborhood, Woodruff Garden, the entities using the field, the City of Little Rock and the Historic Preservation Society in preparing master plans which upon funding will insure the Lamar Porter Complex will once again serve as a local, state and regional destination.

When built, Lamar Porter was the only complex in the state with electric lights. Teams from all over the state came to enjoy Lamar Porter's modern day facilities. Renovations will insure that the complex continues to illuminate the neighborhood providing youth in Arkansas a special place to enjoy recreational sports for the next hundred years.

Specific plans for renovating the field and stadium break down the needed repairs and changes in stages bringing the stadium completely up to code in all areas including meeting ADA requirements.

Initial projects will target safety concerns and the stabilization of the stadium with an emphasis on halting the deterioration now taking place.



Scope of Project - Everything will be completely renovated and brought up to code

  1. Security and Grandstand Stability
    1. Overhead Doors & Grills on exterior openings
    2. Security measures on exterior windows and replacement of all doors
    3. Rework Expansion and control joints
    4. Structurally stabilize areas of spalling concrete
    5. Repair Field Maintenance access and gate
  2. Field Improvements
  3. Grandstand Building Improvements
  4. Grounds Improvements