The Lamar Porter Complex Revitalization Committee was established by the Boys and Girls Club of Central Arkansas in conjunction with the Trustees of Lamar Porter. For more information on the Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Arkansas visit

To inspire others to join in saving an historic recreational complex and to encourage activism in the neighborhood to produce a transformation that will serve as a standard for our community and our country.

To unite the neighborhood, present and former players and patrons, government entities, private organizations and caring individuals to raise funds necessary to return the Lamar Porter Complex to the status it once held as a first class recreational facility serving youth and their families across the State of Arkansas.

To maintain the National Historic Register Status of Lamar Porter Field

To execute the master renovation plan in such a way that the surrounding neighborhood, entities using the field and the Billy Mitchell Boys & Girls Club are not significantly disrupted during the construction phases.

To develop and institute a sustainability plan by establishing an endowment and constructing the field with infrastructure that provides the ability to use natural resources and environmentally friendly practices to maintain Lamar Porter Complex cost effectively now and in the future.

To work with the Boys & Girls Club of Central Arkansas to insure that a permanent Committee remains in place devoted to protecting the interest of the Lamar Porter Complex

To insure that the Lamar Porter Complex adheres to the intent of the original donors to provide a recreational complex for members of the Boys & Girls Club of Central Arkansas and for the youth of this community.